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Regarding the teaching (undervisningen)

At Musikkfolkehøgskolen Viken, the teaching approach is designed to be comprehensive and flexible. Students have the opportunity to customize their schedules by combining core subjects, specialized program time, main instrument practice, elective courses, and optional additional programs. The core subjects encompass a variety of essential areas deemed crucial for all students. These include seminars featuring current musicians, participation in the school choir, and practical sessions such as cleaning duties. As part of the small community at Viken, students often experience independent living for the first time, which is supported throughout the year with regular meetings and dormitory gatherings. Furthermore, students can opt to enrich their curriculum by participating in additional programs known as «tilleggslinjer.» These programs, which can be integrated with one of the four main music programs, offer students the opportunity to diversify their educational experience. The dedicated time for the main music programs is 9 hours per week, while the additional programs require 6 hours. Importantly, these additional programs are optional, allowing students the freedom to tailor their educational journey according to their interests and aspirations. In addition to their program and additional program hours, students can select from a range of elective courses. These courses cover various music-related subjects, such as harmony, music theory, and live sound engineering, as well as broader topics like hunting certification, everyday psychology, and outdoor activities. Overall, Musikkfolkehøgskolen Viken provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students can craft their educational path while developing their skills across multiple disciplines. The folkehøgskole year lasts for nine months, from mid-August to mid-May.